Volume 9
Chapters 34 - 37
Japan Release Date November 22, 2004
U.S.A. Release Date September 19, 2006
Preceded by Volume 8
Followed by Volume 10

Author's Note Edit


Whenever my manga artist friends and I meet up to hang out at a pub, we always end up having passionate discussions about manga wether there's any alcohol involved or not.
Sometimes we'd get so into our discussions that we'd miss the last train, and you might think to yourself about how lame we are as adults, but I tell you, hearing everyone's passionate opinions about "the thing I want to draw!!" really gets me hyped.
In this volume, one of those extremely passionate artists, Sir Taishi Mori, drew the omake manga for us. Wooo!! (Rejoice)

Chapters Included Edit


From the back of the volume:


Outside CoverEdit

Inside Cover (In Memoriam)Edit


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