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Volume 7

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Volume 7
Chapters 26 - 29
Japan Release Date March 22, 2004
U.S.A. Release Date May 16, 2006
Preceded by Volume 6
Followed by Volume 8

Author's Note Edit


Ever since I became a manga artist, I'm constantly dumbfounded by all the unexpected things that keep taking me by surprise. 
But I admit, it is because of these unexpected events that life becomes so exciting.

Chapters Included Edit


From the back of the volume:

Where did Alphonse Elric go during the few short minutes he was wiped from existence, body and soul? From a secret lair in the city of Dublith, a group of outcasts kidnaps Alphonse to find the alchemical secrets of his creation! It's up to Ed (and a certain a certain housewife) to go into the Devil's Nest and rescue his brother. But the criminals of the Devil's Nest aren't exactly human either. Now, Al must fight a homunculus-an artificial human being- and the streets of Dublith will run red with blood...


Outside CoverEdit

Inside Cover (In Memoriam)Edit

  • Everyone from the Devil's Nest (there's too many of them...)


  • Cruel Girl
  • Cow Shed Diary: The Story of the Shogakukan Manga Award
  • The Truth Took My Boxers!
  • The Bradley School's Ultimate Swordfighting Technique: Five Sword Style

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