Author's Note


Raw ingredients: Alchemy (Genetic Modification was not involved)
Material length: 192 pages
How to store: Please avoid storing under direct sunlight or in extremely high temperatures.
Warning: In the event of this series accidentaly catching your eye, please go out and buy all volumes as soon as possible.

Chapters Included


From the back of the volume:

Ed, Alphonse and their mechanic Winry go south in search of Izumi Curtis, the master alchemist who taught the brothers how to use alchemy. But in the boomtown of Rush Valley, an encounter with a pickpocket turned them down a different path in search of an auto-mail blacksmith whose handiwork is the best that Winry has ever seen. Then the action flashes back to the past to show how Ed and Alphonse first learned alchemy...


Outside Cover

Inside Cover (In Memoriam)


  • It Was A Grease Pen, Remember
  • Cow Shed Diary: The Fierce Underwear Battle
  • Flame Alchemist Chapter 376,514: The Strawberry Parfait of Tears

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