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Volume 4: The Fall of Ishbal

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The Fall of Ishbal
Series Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)
Format DVD
Volume Number 4
Title The Fall of Ishbal
Episodes 13–16
Release Date July 26, 2005
Language English / Japanese
Subtitles English
Preceded By Equivalent Exchange
Followed By The Cost of Living
This article is about the DVD volume. For the event, see Ishval Civil War.

The Fall of Ishbal is the fourth English DVD volume of the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, released by Funimation on July 26, 2005. The DVD contains four episodes:

Synopsis Edit

The back of the DVD cover contains the following synopsis:

"The Elrics return to Eastern Headquarters to report their progress — which, as mustang points out, is none. Ed and Al leave for the countryside to search for Doctor Marcoh, a State Alchemist who deserted during the Eastern Rebellion and is now a fugitive of the state. Unbeknownst to the brothers, Marcoh possesses secrets that could prove invaluable — if they can keep him alive. On the run from both Scar and the military, Doctor Marcoh confesses to the Elrics the reason these tragedies are happening.
A decade ago, State Alchemists were called into Ishbal to end a seven-year civil war. What followed was a wave of unspeakable atrocities that neither the Ishbalans, nor the State Alchemists who committed them, can forget."

Extras Edit

In addition to the textless songs, production art and trailers which regularly appear on Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs, this volume also contains the first episode of the anime series Spiral and the music video for Ready Steady Go!, as well as character profiles for Scar, Jean Havoc, Vato Falman, Kain Fuery, Heymans Breda, Tim Marcoh and Envy.

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