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Volume 4

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Volume 4
Chapters 13 - 16
Japan Release Date January 22, 2003
U.S.A. Release Date November 8, 2005
Preceded by Volume 3
Followed by Volume 5

Author's Note Edit


If you asked what I look forward to when it comes to publishing volumes, it has to be the fact that I just can't wait to draw the omake pages.
There should just be like 180 pages consisting of purely omake.

Chapters Included Edit


From the back of the volume:


Outside CoverEdit

Inside Cover (In Memoriam)Edit


  • Cat
  • Cat: Episode 2
  • Somebody Stop Them
  • Miracle Hair
  • The Ambitious Alchemist: Part 2
  • A Man's Dignity
  • Maybe The Loincloth is the Problem?
  • Super Fusion

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