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Volume 20

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Volume 20
Chapters 79 - 83
Japan Release Date September 22, 2008
ISBN ISBN978-4-7575-2353-1
Preceded by Volume 19
Followed by Volume 21

Author's NoteEdit


Many of my possesions that have been through the days with me ever since the beginning of this serialization are all starting to break one after the other these days.
The large pot that I shared with my assistant, the my stereo components, my anti-back pain chair, etc...
You guys!!
How could you just fall like this when we're still in the midst of battle!! (Cry)

Chapters IncludedEdit

Synopsis Edit

From the back of the volume:


Outside CoverEdit

Inside Cover (In Memoriam)Edit



  • Though countless Drachma soldiers and the commander of the Drachma army himself died in this volume, they were not depicted on the spine of this volume in memoriam.

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