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Volume 15

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Volume 15
Chapters 58 - 61
Japan Release Date December 22, 2006
ISBN ISBN4-7575-1812-9
Preceded by Volume 14
Followed by Volume 16

Author's NoteEdit


In order to get some inspiration for this series, I went around interviewing survivors of WWII who had experience in the front lines of battle.
Out of the various chaotic stories people would tell me that videos or documentss could not even come close to, one person averted their eyes onto the table and simply said "Movies abount war and such, I just don't watch them."
That one phrase really left an impression on me.

Chapters IncludedEdit

Synopsis Edit

From the back of the volume:


Outside CoverEdit

Inside Cover (In Memoriam)Edit

  • Winry's parents.
  • A whole stream of Ishvalans. (There are too many of them)


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