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Volume 10

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Volume 10
Chapters 38 - 41
Japan Release Date March 11, 2005
U.S.A. Release Date November 21, 2006
Preceded by Volume 9
Followed by Volume 11

Author's Note Edit


It seems like volume 9's cover was pretty popular amongst my readers, and I ended up receiving loads of reaction postcards from people.
"It's like that 'Follow me!' type thing, right!!" or
"Men speak with their backs, right!!" or
"I love how he's leaving everyone in charge of his back!!".

.......I can't say that "I did that because it was too much of a pain in the ass to draw the colonel from the front"...........
.....I can't say it.........

Chapters Included Edit


From the back of the volume:


Outside CoverEdit

Inside Cover (In Memoriam)Edit


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