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August 8, 2012

Wow, such a pleasant and intelligent user you are.

That was sarcasm in case your aspergers once again clouded your vision.

I couldn't even read what you wrote on my talk page, because you had to format it so god-awfully. But, I actually remember you from a message I wrote on your talk page awhile ago (That you deleted), and yep, you're that same idiot from before.

I already told you what you spelled wrong, but I'll say it again. You have yet to spell "Colonel" correctly, in any one of your edits. "Coloniel" Really? Learn english first before you try writing in Japanese. Tommy-Vercetti (talk) 14:30, August 13, 2012 (UTC)

No, I should have said something sooner. I've always had a problem airing my grievances, please forgive. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the site, but you go overboard with the translation edits. While we do want to be thorough and we include some translations so as to maintain a link to the fact that the series is fully Japanese, not every term requires a translation into katakana and kanji. Essentially, we reserve that for character names, since most other terms have proper English analogues. A translation for Alchemy is acceptable and even worthwhile, but there is no need for a translation for terms like Transmutation Circle and Rebound, especially where those terms are transliterations of English words anyway. Ranks, too, require no translation - at least not on character pages. The issue with your edits on the Alkahestry page is that Rentanjutsu and Rendanshu are not two different phrases, but two different interpretations of the same phrase. Rentanjutsu is how "Alkahestry" is written and pronounced in Japanese while Rendanshu is Viz's interpretation of that kanji as a Chinese word, since Xingese culture is a Chinese analogue. Rendanshu and Rentanjutsu don't mean "Purification Arts" and "Alkahestry", respectively. They both mean both Purification Arts and Alkahestry, which are - again - simply different interpretations of the same term. CorbeauKarasu (talk) 16:18, August 13, 2012 (UTC)

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