First of all, hi, i'm new here. I just finished watching the 2003 FullMetal Alchemist anime and i would like to share some thoughts about it. Note that i haven't watched Brotherhood or read the actual manga, so please if you want to  comment, no spoilers! First i would like to say that it was a good anime, but nothing more. Although the first half of the series was supposed to follow the plot of the manga, it was full of useless fillers, which frustrated me a lot and were very boring. The episodes that actually progressed the plot were very satisfying and showed a lot of potential. I liked the second half of the series more than the first one and the main reason is the lack of fillers. The animation and the music got a lot better too. The ending was fine but i think there are some inconsistencies about the plot. The fact that the Homunculi were trying to force people to make the Philosopher's Stone by making them fall into despair through war and massacres and at the same time spread rumours that the Philosopher Stone was something very dangerous that people shouldn't use, is a bit contradictory.  Also, the explanation of how the gate of alchemy worked wasn't very satisfying: i mean, there is this gate that alchemists use to take energy, so that they can transmute something and this energy is actually taken from people that live in an another parallel world. Ok, but we saw that Wrath came from that place and that he found there the limbs of Ed. Did Wrath just wait on the entrance from the time of his creation till when Ed and Al transmuted their mother and took the opportunity to gain an arm and a leg? Also, Ed and Hohenheim managed to pass this gate (Ed came back even) but Envy couldn't. Why was that? That is all. I hope Brotherhood will be better (and it probably will).

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