• TonyMutu

    Thoughts on 2003 anime

    January 8, 2013 by TonyMutu

    First of all, hi, i'm new here. I just finished watching the 2003 FullMetal Alchemist anime and i would like to share some thoughts about it. Note that i haven't watched Brotherhood or read the actual manga, so please if you want to  comment, no spoilers! First i would like to say that it was a good anime, but nothing more. Although the first half of the series was supposed to follow the plot of the manga, it was full of useless fillers, which frustrated me a lot and were very boring. The episodes that actually progressed the plot were very satisfying and showed a lot of potential. I liked the second half of the series more than the first one and the main reason is the lack of fillers. The animation and the music got a lot better too. The …

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