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    hello all Fma Fans. How the hell are ya? (Excuse my language, i mean come on, its full metal alchemist for christ sakes)

    anywho, this is my frist blog on this wikia, so i figured i'd ask a couple of questions regarding nothing closely related to the series.

    Question #1. who would you rather team up with in a battle (multiple choice, pick 2 - 3, choices from the 2003 anime)

    A) Edward Elric

    B) Scar

    C) Lust

    D) Greed

    E) Roy Mustang

    F) Riza Hawkeye

    G) Alex Louis Armstrong

    H) Solf J. Kimblee

    Question #2. In a battle to the death between Roy, Ed, Envy, Al, and Scar, Who would you pick to win? (Just For the heck of it, Choices From The 2003 anime)

    A) Roy

    B) Ed

    C) Al

    D) Envy

    E) Scar

    answer in comments, thank you Later

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