Hey guys, (sry for gram. and spelling mistakes)

well, ed´s father was sent through the gate to London. But he didn´t died. When ed died, al could use the power of the ph.stone to bring his soul back to his body. During this time ed´s soul was on the other side.

1. So when the brothers tried to bring back there mother, did she already lived in another body in the other world? And did she died in the other world during the human trans. because her body went trough the gate but her soul didn't?

It´s confusing for me. Because for people who die in the "our" world, the energie of their death is the source of the alchemie.

2. So if a person dies in the world of alchemie, where does his soul/mind will stay? Will it go through the gate to the other site? will it stay in the gate between both worlds? or will it just disappear?

Maybe someone of you has a better view on this and can explain how all of this work.

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