Hi, My name is Rebecca Abou-Antoun, Im from Canada Ontario, Im madly in love with fullmetal alchemist -Brotherhood, But the ending was always keeping me thinking, saying *Theres something missing* Or. *This cant be the end of fma*.. Brotherhood was created in 2009 by Hiromu Arakawa, a japanese women, 39 year old, with kids. What a wonderful author she is i got all her books, anyways back to my point, the ending was Al leaves and goes learn in Xing, and Ed goes learn and help people as well. But, Me i would like if Hiromu Arakawa Brings back Fma! Because i wanna see their journey, their quests, i wanna see it. i wanna see winry and ed gets married when their done their quests, I still believe that fullmetal alchemist could come back, They did a movie called *The s sacred star of milos in 2011* I think it was pointless to create this movie, because they already got their bodies back, so why not create more episodes? Not Just movies. You guys probably think im crazy, but if you agree with me, Please REPOST THIS TO MANY MANY BLOGS, AND LETS SEE IF HIROMU ARAKAWA COULD SEE THIS MESSAGE, Please guys, i cant even sleep at night, this is stuck in my head, I would love to pitchs ideas too the author to continue our family, we just gotta contact her, Guys Help the family out, Fullmetal alchemist, will Never die, -Rebecca

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