• Letsbringbackfma

    Hi, My name is Rebecca Abou-Antoun, Im from Canada Ontario, Im madly in love with fullmetal alchemist -Brotherhood, But the ending was always keeping me thinking, saying *Theres something missing* Or. *This cant be the end of fma*.. Brotherhood was created in 2009 by Hiromu Arakawa, a japanese women, 39 year old, with kids. What a wonderful author she is i got all her books, anyways back to my point, the ending was Al leaves and goes learn in Xing, and Ed goes learn and help people as well. But, Me i would like if Hiromu Arakawa Brings back Fma! Because i wanna see their journey, their quests, i wanna see it. i wanna see winry and ed gets married when their done their quests, I still believe that fullmetal alchemist could come back, They d…

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