I don't know how to edit or even make this blog seem neat or professional but I wanted to type "congrats" to everyone who edits and works on this wiki to improve it and post reliable info. I came across it when looking for more detail on certain characters and was impressed to see this wiki is so detailed that it provides info for even minor characters and etc. I've just about read every page besides some regarding the games and Sacred Star of Milos, and look forward to when the majority of manga chapters are no longer stubs despite that I already understand the whole story. I was so impressed I want I to become a wiki contributer(for wiki's on this wikipedia that actually need editing.) Alltho I've read all those pages and am now typing this blog through internet explorer on a gaming console (My PC is just that crapy), posting pics and etc would be quite impossible. Im observing and would like to learn of people's opinions from all over the world about different topics. I would like to know what was your introduction to the series and what was your thoughts on the series at first? Also, what would be one question you would ask the author (regarding the series) - if you wouldn't mind. My first introduction was on Adult Swim when they first started airing FMAB. Alltho I've watched other anime before, FMAB felt very unique. Elements such as comedy in action/dramatic scenes, the style of comedy, and how the story went from the violent action/drama of earlier episodes/chapters too the baby being born in Rush Valley scene made the experience unique for me. Unfortunatly I had cable problems which caused me to miss over half the series. When I started watching again the end was near, watching the last episodes I became more interested in the characters as well, which is how I ended up here. By now I have watched both animes, read the manga, saw Shambala, and alltho people have many questions such as romantic relationships between characters, did Ed/Al's alchemical theroy work, did the chimera's regain their bodies, did Roy accomplish his goals, is Jerso really gay, or details on mostly unexplored etc in the story, such as the eye of god and the gate, I only want to know one thing: what  was the rude word(s) King Bradley said to Ms.Bradley that made her slap him?

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