I'd just like to make sure all Canadians know that at 11:21 PST (14:21 in Ottawa) the minority Conservative government fell in a non-confidence motion due to being in contempt of Parliament (first time in Commonwealth history). Stephen Harper is expected to go to the Governor General tomorrow at 9:00 to ask him to dissolve Parliament. That means in ~35 days, we will be having an election. I urge EVERY Canadian citizen to exercise your democratic right to vote. If you are out of the country, out of town, or not able to make it to a polling station on election day, you can phone your vote in, just check out Elections Canada's website to find out how. If your are a Canadian citizen who is not registered to vote, you can still do in before the election, and even on election day I believe (you'll probably have to bring two pieces of photo ID). If you don't know where your polling station is, check the Elections Canada website again, but it's probably in the nearest school gymnasium.

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