Fullmetal Alchemist



This is a poem about Yao comma Ling,

Who came from the eastern country on Xing,

He searched with much strife,

To prolong his life,

And a song about Greed he did sing

There once was a boy named Edward Elric,

Whose decorating tastes made others quite sick,

Dragon-like stallions,

And serpent battalions,

Were all in his bag of strange tricks

Here is a story of Riza Hawkeye,

Who can hit far-off targets without having to try,

Now don't get me wrong,

She is very strong,

And could prob'ly make little kids cry

We shall end the night with a man name of Hughes,

Who has sadly entered an eternal snooze,

His death made us cry,

He was a really great guy,

His smile he never could lose

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