So, ever since Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood first came to DVD in America, I've been waiting for the boxset releases that would certainly follow. Complete Collection I was announced and I jumped at the chance to buy it, especially since it would be released just before the Anime Central Convention, so I could just buy it there. When I got to the con, no one was selling it for less than $60 and I hesitated because I knew I'd be able to find it cheaper elsewhere, but still, I couldn't let go of my desire to walk away from the convention with that boxset in my possession.

On the last day, I haggled desperately with a vendor who let me have it for ten dollars less and left the con all pleased with myself...until I started admiring my purchase on the car ride home and discovered that I'd bought the Blu-Ray release. I'd planned to buy the DVD box, not the BR box. I can watch Blu-Ray on my PS3, which is hooked up to an HD TV and gives the whole thing spectacular picture quality, but that means I can't play the discs on my laptop. A big reason I wanted to get the boxset was so I could make high definition screenshots for this site of any scene or character I wished without worrying about subtitles or watermarks. It's funny. If I'd just bought it from the FUNimation booth, I'd have remembered to get it on DVD instead, since they had both versions available.

So now I need advice. Should I sell my Blu-Ray box online and use the money to just by the DVD boxset from a store? Or should I just forget about screenshots and buy the rest of the series on Blu-Ray when it comes out in July?

CorbeauKarasu 00:46, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

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