All right, for those who have been following my talk page, we were contacted a little over twenty-four hours ago by a representative of FUNimation Entertainment and told that FUNimation has taken interest in our site and would like to offers us support in the way of information, high-quality images and links to official videos. It seems clear to me that they want our help in generating buzz for the upcoming DVD releases of Sacred Star of Milos, Brotherhood Complete Collection 1 and the OVA/Comic Theater bundle, but, really, I don't have a problem with that. I contacted FUNimation's representative Tara McKinney yesterday thanking her for interest in our site and stating that, while we're happy with the way we've been running things on our own, we would appreciate any of the aforementioned support FUNimation would be willing to give us. She sent over a number of official images from Sacred Star of Milos, which I've just uploaded to the site, as well as some technical details and an official synopsis for the new movie, which I'll add in a bit. I intend to ask for the official titles of the OVA episodes so that we don't have to wait for the release to update those pages and I'm wondering what other info you all think we should ask for. In addition, I want to ask if you guys think some kind of contest would be a good idea, since they've offered to give us merchandise to give out as prizes. I'm not too experienced with prizes and making contests and such, so I'm ready to listen to your thoughts on the matter. CorbeauKarasu 17:37, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

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