• Chopperdude

    If you have read the final Chapter on One Manga then you have seen the page where she says to us, the fans, to look forward to her next work.

    So, now that *sniff* FMA is over, what should Arakawa's next manga work be?

    I'am fully aware that she is busy working on the Hero Tale something manga and anime series right now but she is just doing the design of the characters and all if I understand it right. I dunno if she was refering to Hero Tale when she said to look forward to her next work but I gave the manga and anime a shot and so far I'am not really impressed.

    I like to think her next manga can be in the horror genre, we know how much she loves B-movies and Shanghai Youma Kikai was very close to one so I can definitely see her drawing a hor…

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