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Wai Wai!!! Full metal alchemist

Anniemae11 February 8, 2010 User blog:Anniemae11

Well, this is the very first time i will work on my blog.

As a start, I would like to introduce to you my obsession with Full metal alchemist.I attempt to write a novel wherein I'm also one of the character, namely Canon Lincoln, a cute cheerful little girl with extraordinary past (she' s more or less 500 years old).Why? because she is a legendary alchemist... yup!!! she has some commons with Hohenheim but i was able to make a twist to connect my concept and the original author's vision for her AMAZING story... second, i made fan made videos and uploaded it to Youtube

and for additional information, my account name there is anniemae11 (search me!!!)...

But behind all this i have a doubt that i cannot able to connect my character , Canon, to the story, because of Winry. it's not that i hate her but because in my own story, Edward was supposed to fall in love with Canon but i knew then that it is my biggest failure in my life!!! and also in Canon's life... it's hard to make the flow of the story connected with the original author's perception. But i don't know if it's true that Edward really did fall in love with Winry-girl... or something like they married on so on and so forth...

As for me i'm happy to write (or to type instead) my storyline here (if at least one may wish me to show him or her about my story concept) and it's a great honor to help me developing my story even though it's my biggest stupid mistake and so the like...

Ever wonder why do i put "Wai Wai!!!" on my blog post title? Well... it's Canon way to say "'Hello!!!" or "Long Live!!!" or "Viva!!!" or whatsoever thing that a person could welcome a good friend..... and i know you my readers are my good friend...

well.... good night everyone.... WAI WAI!!!

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