Well i was just thinking about the episode where Ling Yao first appeared. He ask Edward about the philosopher stone right? Ling needs the stone to offer it to his emperor father. He believes that if he give the 'path to immortality' to his father he would gain the title as the next emperor.
On my side then is... if i were Ling i wouldn't do that. i don't want to make my father immortal. Reasons? First of all, let's analyze it. let's pretend that we are Ling. I want to be next emperor so i will offer my father the philosopher stone. But have you think of it, that if my father would become an immortal no one as in NO ONE can replace him as the new emperor. Surely, if my father knew then that he is immortal he would definitely stay to his throne and never leave it because he know no one can stop his reigning period. Second, doesn't the emperor trust his sons and daughters? does he thinks that if one of his sons (or daughters) replace him as the new leader of their country, it would be a totally destruction to the country of Xing? Third, doesn't the emperor want to die with his family? I think it's a pretty blessing to be a mortal because you can die. its also an advantage because you cannot suffer the upcoming challenges and obstacles in life. i know Hohenheim would exchange his position with the emperor because he is now living with 'that' body. he already know the feeling that's why he wants to take a rest now .
so much for that i'm happy because i know Ling is an idiot prince with a true and loving heart...

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