Fullmetal Alchemist


I dream of Ling Yao!!!

Oh my gosh! I dreamed of Ling Yao last night!!! Well, honestly, I'm so in love with Edward Elric!!! Super Super Super!!! But i don't know why i dreamed of Ling Yao. In my dream, i think someone ask me to chase Ling so I run as fast as i can, really! I run and run so I can chase him while he's running and jumping building to building.Then when he stopped running (and jumping) he turned his back and looked at me and ask me if I can hold his arms! AHHHH!!!! I don't know why but i held his arms. Then we had a long walk, and he told me some stories that i can't remember at this moment. It vanishes away out my mind when I woke up.Then there's a scene that he told me some type of cars he like and now, i can't remember it at all. I hope Edward and Lan Fan are not jealous of me at this moment. Besides, i like their loveteam.

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