Okay... in order to understand what does Canon says (or even me) Andrew and Harley made a useful kit to decipher Canon

here are the following... (just for a start)

  1. Wai Wai - welcome, long live, viva, (sometimes, it is used as an alternative word to those complicated words for Canon)
  2. [ha]-Nana - cute, adorable, "wow!"
  3. Tantanana-{name of person} (e.g. Tantanana-Edward) - Canon's way to express that she is pleased or in a good mood or if she's just expressing her tenderness to a people or animals or place or even plants... and so the like
  4. Ayi - yes (similar words to tell that she agrees)
  5. Hi - no (similar words to tell that she objects)
  6. Huntoko? - what, where, when, which, how, (other question that are alike )

Basically, Canon is not a Japanese girl. She has this mental retardation that she got from her mom and grandfather (genetically passed down, females carry it and are carried away and males are also carrier) and this became her biggest influence to talk like a 5 year old child... sometimes she's mute and sometimes sher over talkative (especially when it comes to cats) but the moment when she talks she never lets these words (and other upcoming new words) left behind. She has her own manner of speaking, making it a little more special by adding cheerful smiles and cute laughs matching with these weird body language. Strange to think but a powerful one can have this weak points too... Besides.. who's perfect anyway?

Thanks for a visit...

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