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    Oh my gosh! I dreamed of Ling Yao last night!!! Well, honestly, I'm so in love with Edward Elric!!! Super Super Super!!! But i don't know why i dreamed of Ling Yao. In my dream, i think someone ask me to chase Ling so I run as fast as i can, really! I run and run so I can chase him while he's running and jumping building to building.Then when he stopped running (and jumping) he turned his back and looked at me and ask me if I can hold his arms! AHHHH!!!! I don't know why but i held his arms. Then we had a long walk, and he told me some stories that i can't remember at this moment. It vanishes away out my mind when I woke up.Then there's a scene that he told me some type of cars he like and now, i can't remember it at all. I hope Edward and…

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    Ling Yao's Father

    February 14, 2010 by Anniemae11
    Well i was just thinking about the episode where Ling Yao first appeared. He ask Edward about the philosopher stone right? Ling needs the stone to offer it to his emperor father. He believes that if he give the 'path to immortality' to his father he would gain the title as the next emperor.
    On my side then is... if i were Ling i wouldn't do that. i don't want to make my father immortal. Reasons? First of all, let's analyze it. let's pretend that we are Ling. I want to be next emperor so i will offer my father the philosopher stone. But have you think of it, that if my father would become an immortal no one as in NO ONE can replace him as the new emperor. Surely, if my father knew then that he is immortal he would definitely stay to his thr…
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    Okay... in order to understand what does Canon says (or even me) Andrew and Harley made a useful kit to decipher Canon

    here are the following... (just for a start)

    1. Wai Wai - welcome, long live, viva, (sometimes, it is used as an alternative word to those complicated words for Canon)
    2. [ha]-Nana - cute, adorable, "wow!"
    3. Tantanana-{name of person} (e.g. Tantanana-Edward) - Canon's way to express that she is pleased or in a good mood or if she's just expressing her tenderness to a people or animals or place or even plants... and so the like
    4. Ayi - yes (similar words to tell that she agrees)
    5. Hi - no (similar words to tell that she objects)
    6. Huntoko? - what, where, when, which, how, (other question that are alike )

    Basically, Canon is not a Japanese girl. She h…

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    Well, this is the very first time i will work on my blog.

    As a start, I would like to introduce to you my obsession with Full metal alchemist.I attempt to write a novel wherein I'm also one of the character, namely Canon Lincoln, a cute cheerful little girl with extraordinary past (she' s more or less 500 years old).Why? because she is a legendary alchemist... yup!!! she has some commons with Hohenheim but i was able to make a twist to connect my concept and the original author's vision for her AMAZING story... second, i made fan made videos and uploaded it to Youtube

    and for additional information, my account name there is anniemae11 (search me!!!)...

    But behind all this i have a doubt that i cannot able to connect my character , Canon, to …

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