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The State Military is the name given to the armed forces of Amestris. The Commander in Chief of the State Military is the Führer (President in the Viz Manga).

History Edit

Since its inception, Amestris has been a powerful country, promoting conflicts with its neighbor states and maintaining an extremely authoritarian, centralized government. Due to the basis of the country's political and economic stability becoming strongly connected to war, the military has boosted its influence to the highest ranks and prestige positions within the government, effectively becoming a military-controlled state. Upon King Bradley's election as Führer, the military has been the country's primary focus, and has cemented its power over every aspect of Amestrian life. Ever since Father came to the country over three hundred years ago and taught the area's inhabitants powerful alchemy, Amestris has become one of the most powerful countries if not the dominant military power in the known Fullmetal Alchemist world.

Recruitment Edit

Prospective recruits of the military must attend the Military Academy to be fully instated as a member of the military where they will undergo training that tests their mental acuity and physical ability on military matters. Membership does not discriminate sex, gender, or race as groups of multiple ethnic background are seen as part of the military's ranks and fields.

Uniforms and Etiquette Edit

Uniforms worn by members, both male and female, of the military are traditionally blue overcoats, pants, and black boots with a yellow aiguillette and decoration/badges adorned on the uniform depending on the achievements of individual soldiers. Some soldiers can be seen wearing blue berets. The epaulets on the uniform display the rank of the soldier in question. When entering foreign or dangerous terrain, white coats, hats, and gloves are generally seen adored by soldiers to aid in harsh climates. Police guards of generally wear a black version of the uniform to distinguish themselves as special service guardsman. However, individuals with special expertise and services are not required to wear the military uniform, as seen with the case of Edward Elric.

Soldiers are expected to give a formal salute to any all superiors upon entry. Members of the military are also forbidden to engage in romantic relationships as seen with the case of Mustang and Hawkeye. Soldiers follow strict protocols which are punishable by detainment or court martial if disobeyed.

Weaponry Edit

The Amestrian military generally utilizes rifles, pistols, automatic machine guns, and artillery mortars in times of combat or war. Most of weapons bear resemblance to weapons used during WWI such as German Lugers, Enfield No.2 Snubnose, Mosin-Nagant, Machine guns, Trench mortars, diminutive FT-17 tanks, and planted landline explosives using dynamite.

Infrastructure Edit

The military is strictly an infantry army-based format, lacking both naval and air-based forces and relying on potent ground based attacks to counteract enemy forces. The nonexistence of aerial vehicles and the landlocked nature of the country preclude the need for marine or navy. The Army divisions are generally spread out around various fields of battle or stations in different territories of Amestris and no Amestrian bases are known to be stationed outside of Amestrian territory. The military administration has its General Headquarters based in Central City and four others which garrison the units across the country in the capitol of their respective regions. The military consisted of a large infantry consisting of most men but are characterized by specific two potent forces. The army from the Eastern Headquarters as well as the army from the fortress of Briggs are considered the best divisions of the army. Briggs specializes in defense, while the Eastern Army specializes in attack. Briggs' soldiers and the East soldiers are considered Amestris' finest military units, but, while the Eastern Army is the 'perfect attack,' Briggs holds the title of 'perfect defense,' suggesting an alliance between both Briggs and the Eastern Army would provide the perfect military unit. The military also has a police force which handles law enforcement and peacekeeping within Amestrian towns and cities.

Military Ranks range from the General Of the Army (Führer) to Private.

Special Divisions Edit

Briggs Army Edit

Briggs army
The Briggs Army is a division consisting of specially trained Amestrian soldiers situated at Fort Briggs to serve as Amestris' first military garrison against Drachma, led by Major General Armstrong. The Briggs soldiers specialize in endurance and fortitude and generally are considered the toughest soldiers of the Amestrian military.

Eastern Army Edit

The Eastern Army is a division consisting of Amestrian soldiers situated at East City and boasts what is recognized as Amestris' strongest offensive force.

State Alchemists Edit

State Alchemists 0001

State Alchemists are a special division with the Amestrian military that are considered as skilled science officers or highly dangerous military weapons. Alchemists who become State Alchemists and join the military are automatically given the rank of major within the rank structure of the State Military in addition to being required to be servants of the upper military echelons in both expertise and experimentation. State Alchemists have their own symbols, titles, and undergo different treatment and supervision from other military personnel.

Chimeras Edit

Chimeras are a special and mostly secretive division of the Amestrian military that serve as bodyguards for special officers or shocktroopers under the direct order of Central Command. Human chimera that are deemed "successes" by the State Military belong to two categories as well. There are those with entirely human outward forms whose internal makeups have incorporated increased senses, versatile physical structures and abilities identical to the animals with which they have been alchemically spliced, granting them superhuman traits while maintaining an inconspicuous shape. The other category is the form which the military seems to have accepted as their ultimate success in regards to the creation of human chimera is that which is capable of transforming from full human form to that of a man-beast hybrid and back at will.

Black Ops Division Edit

The Black Ops Division is a group only seen in the 2003 version of Amestrian military and deal in handling assassination missions and other horrific duties that are ordered to be covered up by the government.

Trivia Edit

The Amestrian Military has many similarities to military serving within Nazi Germany. They are both ruled by a dictator and have similar enemies: the Nazi nation had Russia while Amestris had Drachma. And they allied with Aerugo similar to how Nazi Germany allied themselves with Fascist Italy by the Berlin-Rome Pact. Its Militaristic behavior, mass weaponry, foreign genocidal tendencies, and etiquette are also similar to the behavior of the German military during the First and Second World War.

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