This page refers to the online flash game. For information on the license exam taken by aspiring State Alchemists, see State Alchemy Exam.

For the 2003 anime episode, see Episode 6: The Alchemy Exam (2003 series).

State Alchemy Exam
State Alchemy Exam Flash
Title State Alchemy Exam
Platform Adobe Flash
Genre Puzzle game
Publisher [adult swim]
Language English
State Alchemy Exam was a Fullmetal Alchemist flash game formerly hosted on the [adult swim] website.


The game was essentially a circular form of Sudoku which used alchemic symbols in place of numbers. There were six different symbols, and the board was divided into six concentric rings, six radial spokes and six sections. The object of the game was to complete a transmutation by placing the symbols so that each type appeared only once in each section, spoke and ring. When the player solved the puzzle, the transmutation was completed and a short animation from the anime was played. There were three difficulty settings: Normal, Hard and Expert.

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