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Birthplace Amestris
Affiliations Amestrian State Military
Fort Briggs
Species Human
Occupation Briggs Soldier
First Appearance Chapter 68
Episode 36: Family Portrait (2009 series)
Voice Actor Shelton Windham

Smith is one of the Fort Briggs soldiers sent down to investigate the mysterious tunnel that was being built under the facility by the Homunculus Sloth. When the search team comes up empty, Smith is ordered to ride back to the fort and inform Major General Armstrong of their status. Unfortunately, before Smith can get very far, he and his entire squad are torn to shreds by the Homunculus Pride. Smith's horse returns safely to the citadel in a panic, his rider's disembodied right hand still clinging to the reins of his horse.

When Major General Armstrong reveals to General Raven that she has been setting him up all along, she stabs his right forearm with her family sword and refers to Smith.  Raven had previously given a speech to the Briggs soldiers when he ordered them to seal the entrance to the tunnel, and had callously dismissed Smith and the other soldiers, some of whom were still alive in the tunnel and needed rescue, as necessary sacrifices for a greater cause.

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