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'Shin-hito’ is the Xingese term for immortal or perfect being, and stems from the Xingese word 'Shin’, which means true, and the Xingese word 'Hito’, which means person or being.

'Kin-hito’ comes from the word 'Hito’ and the word 'Kin’, which means gold. Therefore, a 'Kin-hito’ is a golden being.

As gold is considered the perfect metal, 'Kin’ also indirectly means perfect, giving it a common factor with the word 'Shin’, which can also mean perfect, as a true being is considered a perfect being. Therefore the terms 'Kin-hito’ and 'Shin-hito’ are primarily interchangeable.


  • Aparently, these terms have the same meaning in chinese. Which makes sense, once xingese language appears to be the same as chinese.

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