Shan (often reverently called "Elder Shan") is an elderly Ishvalan priestess and the head of a small group of Ishvalan refugees living in the Ruins of Xerxes. She first appears in Chapter 41 of the manga and Episode 18 of the 2009 anime series when she orders her fellows to cease in their shameful attempt to take Edward Elric hostage. When Edward asks why she would save an Amestrian, whom the Ishvalans hate, Shan explains to him that she had been saved during the Ishval Civil War by the doctors Urey and Sara Rockbell and goes on to tell of their tragic deaths at the hand of a mysterious Ishvalan warrior. She was unable to identify the attacker, as his face was covered in bandages and he quickly fled the makeshift hospital. Shortly after, the hospital was raided by an Amestrian Military team led by Solf J. Kimblee, forcing Shan and the other patients to flee, narrowly escaping with their lives.  When Ed leaves the group, she asks that he visit the Rockbells' graves on her behalf, both to express her gratitude and also their sorrow at being unable to defend them.


  • Shan is an indian girl's name, which means "God is gracious".

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