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Rosalie Harbinger
Birthplace Amestris
Affiliations Harbinger Family
Species Human
Occupation Faux Rosalie
Goal Keeping the Harbinger family's secret from Jude
Remaining happy with her adopted family
First Appearance Bonus Chapter: The Blind Alchemist
Bonus Episode: The Blind Alchemist
Voice Actor Lara Woodhull
Seiyū Aya Endo

The only daughter of the illustrious Harbinger family, young Rosalie Harbinger was doted on by her parents, the servants of the house and the family's personal alchemist Jude. However, when the young miss died tragically, Jude vowed to bring her back to life with Human Transmutation. The experiment ultimately proved a failure, robbing Jude of his eyes while fashioning a grotesque mummy-like body housing an unknown and silent soul in Rosalie's place. Not wishing to cause their dear friend any more grief, the Harbingers lied to the blind alchemist, declaring his resurrection attempt a complete success.


Requiring a stand-in for Rosalie so that Jude would not learn the truth, the Harbingers visited a local orphanage and adopted a young orphan girl named Amy, who happened to resemble their precious late daughter. The new "Rosalie", a rambunctious and curious young girl, reveals the truth to Edward and Alphonse Elric when they come to the Harbinger estate to investigate Jude's "success" and shows them the barely living body that resulted from the Human Transmutation. When asked by the Elrics why she keeps up the charade instead of returning to the orphanage, Amy replies that she is comfortable in the Harbinger estate; her life has improved since she began calling herself Rosalie and the new family she had gained treats her very kindly.

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