Riviere was a small country (or perhaps a city-state) which, over three hundred years prior to the start of the series in July of 1558, was attacked by the earliest settlers of the country that would come to be known as Amestris without a declaration of war. The conquest of Riviere would serve as the first major point in Amestrian history as well as the first act of aggression in their long, militant legacy. Now, Riviere is a city in the northwest region of Amestris, still stained with the crest of blood carved into it so many centuries ago. As such, it is a point in the Nationwide Transmutation Circle being constructed by the Homunculi. When 2nd Lt. Vato Falman goes over a list of places of military action, Riviere - the first - stands out in particular as it serves as the first clue to the fact that the nation of Amestris was created from nothing in order to forge the Transmutation Circle.

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