Ridel and Satella's son was born in their house on the outskirts of Rush Valley. The child has no official name.

He was apparently born very early, which caused a lot of trouble for the family and the Elric brothers. Dominic attempted to retrieve the doctor, but failed to do so in time. As a result, an initially panicked Winry acted as Satella's midwife, and delivered the baby based on the medical textbooks she read as a child. Dominic was overjoyed at the birth of his grandson and dotes on him.

He has light brown hair and fair skin.


2009 Anime

Ed struggles to get his words out when trying to explain to WInry that Satella's baby is about to be born. Once he does so, Winry screams but she quickly gathers her composure and she, Paninya and Ridel help deliver the baby while the Elrics wait outside praying that all goes well and Dominic goes out to fetch help in a storm.

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