Raul (ラウル, Rauru) was an officer with the Cretan military who had been approached by Security Chief Atlas to assist him with his plan to take over Table City to form an independent nation that would be able to resist both Amestris and Creta.

His Part on the Story

Raul created the persona of Alan (アラン, Aran), a man who was forced to live in the valley below Table City in order to keep tabs on Julia Crichton to keep her safe.

He also joined the terrorist organization known as the Black Bats, a group formed by Miranda to commit whatever acts she deemed necessary to advance the cause of Milosian independence. During his years in the organization, Raul was able to stay focused on his character and to gain the confidence of Black Bats' leader by becoming her right arm.

After Atlas arrived, pretending to be Ashley Crichton, Alan/Raul faked animosity toward him, so no one expected him to be helping subvert the Milosians. However, he was eventually used by Atlas to help create the Sanguine Star.


  • Curiously, Alan shows disconfort and anger at Ashley (Atlas disguise) from the very first moment that he presents himself as Julia's brother, not conforming to have him as an ally. However, during the action scenes, the two men seem to working well together by exchanging glances to each other.
    • This only extols one of the climax plot twists when Alan/Raul turns out to be a Cretan spy and Atlas partner.


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