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FMA-B OP5 - 005

Rain (レイン, Rein) is the fifth and final opening theme for the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime series. It was performed by SID and replaced Period in episode 51.


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 5 HD01:31

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 5 HD




やっと見つけた 新しい朝は


向かう先は 「次」じゃなくて


鳴り止まない 容赦ない思いだたちは


そろそろかな 手探り 疲れた颊を


雨は いつか止むのでしょうか

ずいぶん長い間 冷たい

雨は どうして僕を選ぶの

包まれ いいかな

雨は 止むことを知らずに

今日も 降り続くけれど

そっと 差し出した傘の中で 温もりに 寄り添いながら

Japanese RōmajiEdit

Yatto mitsuketa atarashii asa wa

Tsukihi ga jama wo suru

Mukau saki wa tsugi ja nakute Sugi bakari oikaketa

Nariyamanai yōsha nai omoi de tachi wa

Yurushite kuresō nimonai

Sorosoro kana tesaguri tsukareta hoho wo

Kattō ga koboreochiru

Ame wa itsuka yamunodeshōka Zuibun nagai aida tsumetai

Ame wa dōshite boku wo erabuno Tsutsumarete ii kana

Ame wa yamu koto wo shirazuni

Kyō mo furitsuzuku keredo

Sotto sashidashita kasa no naka de Nukumori ni yorisoi nagara

English TranslationEdit

The days going by are getting in the way of the new morning I'd found at last

It wasn't "next" that I was headed toward,

but "bygone" that I was always chasing after.

My incessant, merciless memories

don't seem likely to forgive me

it may not be long before my turmoil spills out

down cheeks wearied by my fumbling about.

Will the rain ever stop?

I've been cold for such a long time

why does this rain choose me?

Can I wrap myself up in it?

The rain is unrelenting, and it's still coming down today,

but tenderly under an extended umbrella,

we share our warmth as we huddle close.

English Translation 2Edit

The new dawn that we finally found is being cut off by time.

The place we're headed for isn't the "future,"

but it's the "past" we've been chasing this whole time.

These merciless memories that keep ringing don't seem like they're going to forgive us.

Soon, the rain of conflict will begin to roll down my tired cheeks.

Will the rain stop someday?

It's been freezing me for a long time.

Why does the rain choose me?

I wonder if it would envelop me.

The rain never stops; it keeps falling even today.

But underneath your gently outstretched umbrella,

we nestle together in warmth.

English Translation 3Edit

The new morning we've finally found

is being hampered by the past.

What we chased after wasn't the future, but the past so full of remorse

The ruthless memories won't stop playing,

they won't be forgiving us for a long time.

It's about now that a teardrop

begins to roll down my fatigued cheeks.

Will this rain ever stop?

I've been freezing for a long time.

Why does the rain continue to fix on me?

I wonder if it could embrace me.

Today, the rain falls again, endlessly, it falls knowing no end.

We nestle closer to each other to share the warmth,

under this umbrella, you gently held out to me.

English Translation (Full)Edit

I see in front of my eyes,

All of these truths and all these lies

As their colors go and fade away

Although you're close to me

And your warmth covers me,

I can't keep these wandering thoughts at bay.

You told me to go onward

And said my path will not be blurred

As you turn away and say good-bye

Those words of empathy

Do not encourage me

And I cannot help but break down and cry.

All of these memories, ringing endlessly inside my mind,

Have no intentions of forgiving me yet.

If I close my eyes, they only grow and start surrounding me.

These memories that I can't forget....

The rain falls, I wonder if it will ever end?

It's so cold, straining my body for quite some time.

The rain falls on me, and it is striking down upon my face.

Why does it choose me, who has nowhere to escape?

Though this untainted morning,

that I have finally reached to

is entangled by the past I knew.

Instead of moving on, towards my own future

I was stuck in my own remorseful past.

And though you tried to help

And tried to motivate me to keep on

All my fears of losing my way just made me weak.

Walking around blindly, 
I think it's time for my own teardrops

to fall down my conflicted cheeks.

I don't want my eyes to know about those past days

I'll just wait till the rain starts to wash it away

All my wounds of my past start to heal at a gentle pace

I've finally found the end of my road today.

The rain falls, I wonder if it will ever end?

It's so cold, straining my body for quite some time.

The rain falls on me, but I wonder could it maybe,

embrace me tightly, hide all my pain?

The rain falls, I wonder if it knows how to stop?

But today, it falls without resolution.

You held out your hand holding an umbrella over my head.

You nestled with me, warming me with all your hope.


  • This is one of the three themes in the series to also be used as an insert song. The others that were used in this way were the second ending theme, Let it Out and the fifth, RAY OF LIGHT.
  • It is also the only opening to also be used as an ending theme, with the one exception of Hologram, used in the final episode.

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