Ray of light

An album jacket for "RAY OF LIGHT" featuring Edward Elric

"RAY OF LIGHT" is the fifth ending for the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime series, following "Shunkan Sentimental". It is performed by Shoko Nakagawa and ran from episode 51 to episode 62.


HQ FMA Brotherhood ed 5 'RAY OF LIGHT'01:31

HQ FMA Brotherhood ed 5 'RAY OF LIGHT'

Edward Elric first


Japanese RomajiEdit

Ano hi kara zutto Nakanaito kimete kitakedo

itami wo kasanetemo Nanika wo yurusezu ni ita

mou modorenai Ikutsumo no hibi

boku wa mada nanimo dekizuni

Kimi no ita kioku no kakera mata hitotsu kieteyuku

Kyou yori motto, tsuyoku naritai

Kono koe ga itsuka todokuyouni, Aruki tsuzukete Kaze ga yandara,

kimi wo sagashite sora miageruyo

Yoake no saki ni hikari ga sasuyo

Niji ga kakaruyo...


Ever since that day passed,

I promised myself that I'd never cry,

But even while I hoarded up the pain,

There was something I

Couldn't forgive myself for,

I'll never be able to return those days,

I'm still powerless,

I watch as the shards of memories disappear one by one

Memories of when you were still with me.

I long to become, stronger than I am now,

So that my voice will eventually reach you.

If the wind happens to stop in the midst of my long journey,

I'll look up at the sky in search of you.

Beyond the daybreak,

A ray of light breaks free.

A rainbow spans across the sky...

English - Full Edit

I brought down hell on earth that day And ever since, I've given up the right to cry Even when I accept all the pain It's not something I can ever justify

Dreaming the laughter, the times I can't return to,


There's so much I've locked up inside

Ever unending, this road I'm on continues

(Chorus 2)

And I want to find a way

To be stronger than today

To let go of the losses for the sake of what I found

If my teardrops turn to rain

And I stumble through the pain

I'll look up in the starlight for you, sing alleluia

I'm holding on until the clouds are colored with the sun


All the mysteries are getting deeper

You'd think growing up would make it clearer

Every life is made of countless things that I can't comprehend 

All that I believe is somehow, far beyond the edge of sky,

We'll connect at last, be as one again

(Chorus 3)

And I swear I'll find a way

To be stronger than today

And maybe, someday, you will hear me calling out to you

If I walk another mile

I just know I'll find your smile

I'll look up to the heavens for you, sing alleluia

I'm holding on until the light turns darkness into dawn

Clouds now colored by the sun

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