Neil Flint
Avatar neil
Birthplace Amestris
Affiliations Amestrian State Military
Fort Briggs
Species Human
Occupation Engineer
Unique Trait Bandanna
Goal Developing and maintaining new technologies at Fort Briggs
Automail Mechanic
First Appearance Chapter 64
Episode 34: Ice Queen (2009 series)
Voice Actor Justin Cook
Seiyū Tooru Nara

Neil Flint is one of the chief engineers in the Research & Development sector of Fort Briggs.

While privy to all the mechanical goings-on in the fort, Neil is especially knowledgeable on the subject of cold-climate metals such as those used in North Area automail limbs and is often seen acting as Captain Buccaneer's automail mechanic. A laid back and easygoing fellow, Neil is quick to make friends with those who come to the fort and is even more eager to share his expertise on the technological advancements the facility has made.

He first appears in the story in Chapter 64, when the Elric brothers arrive at Briggs, and is seen removing Alphonse Elric's entangled helmet from Buccaneer's Crocodile arm, at the cost of the armor boy's stylish hair trim, but next visits the alchemists in their cell to deliver them coffee and thank them for their aid during Sloth's intrusion. When Winry Rockbell arrives at the fort shortly afterward, Neil takes it upon himself to give the cute young girl a tour of his workspace as well as give her important pointers on automail construction.

He is perhaps the one hardest hit by the angelic Winry's emergency departure from Briggs later on. [1]


  1. Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 18, Page 79; First Printing May 2009; VIZ Media; San Francisco USA

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