An entire village is being held hostage.

Tim Marcoh

The Nameless Village is a village in the Eastern region of Amestris located somewhere between East City and Resembool. The train station placards are depicted as blank and though included on a map of the country in Perfect Guidebook 3, the town is labelled simply "The Town with No Name". In the aftermath of the Ishval Civil War, Dr. Tim Marcoh fled the State Military and took shelter in the village under the pseudonym 'Mauro', treating the people there with his stolen Philosopher's Stone. However, he is discovered there in Chapter 8 when Major Armstrong - en route to escort Edward and Alphonse Elric to their hometown - recognizes him by chance. Though the trio leaves relatively without incident, Marcoh soon learns that they were being tailed by Lust, who warns him that, should he try to run away again or interfere in the affairs of the Homunculi, she would erase the village from existence.

The village appears again in Chapter 42, when 2nd Lt. Breda is sent to ask the doctor for his help curing a comrade's injury with the Stone. Unfortunately, Envy and Gluttony arrive first, kidnapping Marcoh to use as a pawn in their schemes and renewing the late Lust's vow to destroy the town if he refuses to cooperate or takes his own life to spite them. in Chapter 49, Envy mocks Marcoh for trying to protect one small village while aware that the entire nation will be sacrificed if their plan succeeds, but the doctor argues that life cannot be measured in simple terms of addition and subtraction.

In Chapter 62, Marcoh is freed by Scar, who fakes the doctor's murder so as to keep the Homunculi from holding him accountable for his own death before escaping with him. However, Father sees through this ruse rather quickly and dispatches Envy to hunt them down. As a result, Envy releases Solf J. Kimblee from prison to aid in the search and destroy the village once Marcoh is apprehended.

Though the Nameless Village apparently does not appear on any maps after Marcoh's escape, the fact that Marcoh was never successfully recaptured suggests that the village remained intact.

In the 2003 anime, despite the village not playing as large of a role in the storyline, it does hold importance as the place of Basque Grand's death as well as the Elrics' first battle with Scar instead of Central and East City.

The events of Lust's encounter with Marcoh and Envy and Gluttony's later visit to capture Marcoh were cut from the 2009 anime, along with the scene of a villager recognizing Breda despite the fact he just arrived (due to Envy masquerading as Breda earlier) just as Breda was heading to Marcoh's house.

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