Brigadier General Mudi Nemda (ムーディ・ネムダ Muddi Nemuda?) is a supporting character in the video game Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel. A Military Chief of the Military Police in the Hiessgart Region. Tenacious in expanding his own power, he has almost completely privatized the army. His ambition is to build his own Nemda Kingdom.

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Scene from the Wii game.

Although Nemda is aware that Professor Eiselstein and his assistant Greta Riddel are performing alchemic experiments that the military might frown on, he promises to keep their activities secret in return for Combat Chimera.  But when his chimera attacks Armony Eiselstein, Edward and Alphonse are forced to kill the monster to protect the girl.  Nemda wishes to arrest and hang both Elrics, but then Colonel Mustang arrives and suggests he merely arrest Edward for the time being before having him courtmartialed. 

Nemda's function seems to be largely comic relief in the storyline, but also as a red herring to the mystery of what's taking place in New Hiessgart.  Towards the end of the storyline, he is persuaded by Greta that Professor Eiselstein has betrayed their agreement, and this is why he brings his attack chimera to Eiselstein's fortress domecile.

At the end of the game, as Riza Hawkeye prepares her report, she states that Nemda was put to be court-martialed for his attempts to overthrow the Amestrian military within New Hiessgart. This is slightly ironic, as Nemda had briefly planned to have Edward court-martialed for killing his "precious" chimera.

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