Mick Murray (ミック・マーレイ) is an Amestrian State Military Officer stationed at Fort Briggs under the command of Major General Armstrong.

Mick first appeared under the command of Major Miles in Baschool with the goal of capturing Scar. When Miles was preparing the squads for the search parties, Edward Elric sat with a dummy that he made of Alphonse Elric's armor. Mick was inside it, masquerading as Al. After that, he received orders to assassinate Solf J. Kimblee, who later escaped.

Months had passed and he, along with Liam Roach, were responsible for getting Winry Rockbell back home safely. During the promised day, Mick and Liam stayed at Rockbell Automail to protect Pinako Rockbell and Winry Rockbell, but couldn't do anything against the Nationwide Transmutation Circle.


  • When Hiromu Arakawa didn't give a name to the character, studio Bones explained the process for giving names in Fullmetal Alchemist: "You know, sometimes the characters' names comes out by thinking in real people". When they needed a western name, the British musician Mick Jagger came to mind, and his first name was the final choice.[1]


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