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Menny 27-35
Birthplace Dublith
Age 4-7
Species Human
First Appearance Chapter 20: The Terror of the Teacher
Episode 27: Teacher (2003 series)

Menny is a little girl living in the town of Dublith. In Chapter 20, the day after her cat Chiko dies, Menny takes her to the home of master alchemist Izumi Curtis in the hopes that she can put Chiko right again, believeing that "Mrs. Izumi can fix anything."[1] However, when Menny arrives, Izumi tells her that living beings cannot be fixed like objects and a life is not something that can be regained after it has been lost. In consolation however, Izumi fashions a grave so that Chiko may rest in peace. After a short, makeshift service for the beloved cat, Menny runs home to her mother in tears, now fully understanding the weight of life and death.

Her role was cut from the 2009 anime.


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