Breda and Falman seek the real Melvin.

Melvin Voyager Is an incidental character in Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos. A prisoner sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in the Central Prison in Amestris for injury and robbery. Two months before his parole, he tried to break out of prison and in the process met Ed and Al for the first time. An accomplished alchemist, the alchemy he used with both hands when breaking out of prison was something the brothers have never witnessed before.

While this character is arrested and placed in the prison in Central as "Melvin Voyager", after his escape various soldiers are trying to locate him, including 2nd Lieutenant Heymans Breda, who discovers that people in the area that Voyager came from state that the individual in Breda's photo is not the real Melvin Voyager, who had left home to seek work in Central.  What happened to the real Melvin is never revealed.

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