Mason V
Aliases The Masked Man
Birthplace Amestris
Affiliations Curtis Meat
Species Human
Occupation Butcher's assistant
Abilities Martial Arts
Weapon Pestle
First Appearance Episode 27 (2003 series)
Episode 13 (2009 series)
Chapter 20 (Manga)
Voice Actor Josh Martin
Seiyū Keiichi Sonobe (2003 series)
Shūhei Sakaguchi (2009 series)

Mason (メイソン, Meison) is Sig Curtis' assistant at his meat shop. He is also acquainted with the Elric brothers. During Ed and Al's training on the island, Mason dressed up as the man in the mask to keep them alive and help them train. Usually good humored, upbeat, and easy going, he appears to have a close relationship with the Elrics, as he immediately recognized and greeted them upon their return to Dublith. While his duties mainly revolve around caring for the Curtis' meat shop, he also performs other tasks to aid Izumi and the Elrics whenever needed. He helped to gather information for Izumi on Al's whereabouts when he was kidnapped, showing that he has affection for the boys. While not battling the brother's during their training, he helped to secretly care for them and keep them alive, as well as giving them hints on understanding more about the basics of alchemy.

Masked man

The "Masked Man".

Mason has also displayed a fair degree of martial arts prowess and strength, particularly when wielding a club, as well as exceptional survival abilities during his time during the Elric brothers' training, possibly due to living with Izumi and Sig. It is also apparent that he is aware of Izumi's condition and the background behind her ability to transmute without a transmutation circle, as he quickly and forcibly changes the subject when Ed and Al ask why Izumi has no children.

All of Mason's initial appearances are cut from the 2009 anime, though his role is still the same; he has very little screentime and no real contributions to the plot (save for one episode where he needed to appear), unlike in the manga.


Not much is known about Mason because he does not appear very often, but he is obviously caring and hardworking. The one instance that defines his character was in Chapter 22: The Masked Man when he cooked fish over a fire for the Elric Brothers before they starved.

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