Madame Christmas
Aliases Chris Mustang
Birthplace Amestris
Family Roy Mustang (Nephew, Foster child)
Affiliations Roy Mustang
Lt. General Grumman
Species Human
Occupation Bar Owner
Abilities Information gathering
Unique Trait Mole
First Appearance Chapter 62
Episode 31 (2009 anime)
Voice Actor Pam Dougherty
Seiyū Youko Matsuoka

Chris Mustang, better known by the name Madame Christmas, is the proprietor of a hostess bar in Central City frequently patronized by Colonel Roy Mustang. At first, it would merely seem that this bar is further proof of Mustang's unapologetic debauchery, but it becomes quite apparent that the women under Madame Christmas' care act as secret informants to Mustang and his squad, and that Madame Christmas herself is a skilled intelligence operative and a contact between Roy and Lt. General Grumman in East City.


A rather gruff woman, Madame Christmas is the paternal aunt and adoptive mother of Roy Mustang, and is frequently sharp with him. The younger sister to Roy`s biological father, Chris took her nephew in after the death of both Roy's parents, when Roy was still very young, under unknown circumstances. She's said to have raised him to become a "good man."

Well aware of Roy's ambitions as well as the clandestine goings-on of his enemies, Madame Christmas expects great things of her little boy, and worries greatly for him. In preparation for the Promised Day, Roy receives a final piece of intelligence from Madame Christmas confirming the identity of Selim Bradley. The two then retreat below the bar and blow it up as a diversion to allow Roy to go undercover. Madame Christmas then heads east to Xing to flee the darkness of the Promised Day, meeting up with the girls from the bar when she arrives.


  • "Madam" or "Madame" often refers to an older woman who manages a brothel, escort service or some other form of prostitution, that is, a procuress.

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