Lute Zaxophone is a character that appears in the Game Boy Advance Game Fullmetal Alchemist: Sonata of Memories.


Lute possessed enough ability as an Alchemist to earn a State Certification. He performed Chimera Alchemy with human beings, for which he lost his State Certification. He claims to have designed the Chimeras involved in Lincor's plot.

More recently, he has been shown to battle using playing cards imbued with Alchemy.

Using a Philosopher's Stone, Lute was able to use his knowledge to transform himself into a giant monster.


Lute is the son of an Alchemist called Dalt Daimler. Years ago, while acting as a State Alchemist, his lover, Lila Amore, was greivously injured. Lacking the medical expertise to save her, he compensated for her injuries by transforming her into a Chimera.


  • Lute's name appears to be derived from two instruments, the Lute, a stringed, guitar like instrument, and the Saxophone, a member of the horn family.

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