The following is the entire cast of Fullmetal Alchemist (franchise). This page includes all main, supporting, and side characters with known names. Note: character avatars must be 300x295.

Main Families

Armed Forces of Amestris

Central Command
Avatar bradley
Führer King Bradley
Avatar cremin
Brigadier General Clemin
Avatar edison
Brigadier General Edison
Avatar fessler
Brigadier General Fessler
Brigadier General Fox
Avatar gardner
Lieutenant General Gardner
Avatar harris
Major General Harris
Avatar raven
Lieutenant General Raven

State Alchemists
Brigadier General Basque Grand
Avatar roy
Colonel Roy Mustang
Avatar edward
Major Edward Elric

Mustang Unit
Avatar heymans
2nd Lieutenant Heymans Breda
Avatar jean
2nd Lieutenant Jean Havoc
Avatar kain
Master Sergent Kain Fuery
Warrant Officer Vato Falman
Avatar riza
1st Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye
Mustang Rebels
2nd Lieutenant Rebecca Catalina

Central Forces
Avatar bose
Major General Bose
Colonel Henry Douglas
Avatar knox
Dr. Knox
Avatar storch
Lieutenant Colonel Storch
Other Military Personnel
Major Arzen
Avatar denny
Sergeant Denny Brosh
Avatar focker
Captain Focker
Lt. Colonel Frank Archer
Avatar halcrow
Major General Halcrow
Avatar hughes
Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes
Avatar maria
2nd Lieutenant Maria Ross
Avatar yoki
Lieutenant Yoki





Ouroboros Gang

Other Characters

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