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Laws and Promises (Transcript/Script)

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  • Archer: Give me your car.
  • Soldier 1: Where are you heading to sir?
  • Archer: The Führer's mansion. The rebels are there, right?
  • Soldier 1: That was a false alarm, Colonel. We've just come back from there. It was Lieutenant Hawkeye
  • Archer: Hawkeye?
  • [Archer notices that Hawkeye is surviving]
  • Archer: [furious] Did you let her live?
  • [he steals a gun from his solder, tries to shoot her; Hawkeye uses her gun tries to shoot him; she is shot; the soldiers are holding off Archer]
  • Soldier 2: Hold your fire, colonel!
  • Soldier 1: The Führer wants her interrogated at headquarters, sir!
  • Archer: Have you seen headquarters!? We were at war zone! The rebels are upon everywhere! We don't have time for questioning! Let me kill her!!

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