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In Memoriam is an omake at the end of most volumes of the manga showing most of the characters who died in that volume flying up to heaven.


The following is a list of characters in the In Memoriam section for each volume of the manga.

Volume OneEdit

Volume TwoEdit

Volume ThreeEdit

Volume FourEdit

Volume FiveEdit

Volume SixEdit

  • Various animals eaten by the Elrics and foxes on Yock Island
  • The pile of organs that was the result of the Human Transmutation performed by the Elrics.

Volume SevenEdit

Volume EightEdit

Volume NineEdit

Volume TenEdit

Volume ElevenEdit

Volume TwelveEdit

Volume Twelve does not contain an In Memoriam.

Volume ThirteenEdit

Volume Thirteen does not contain an In Memoriam.

Volume FourteenEdit

Volume Fourteen does not contain an In Memoriam.

Volume FifteenEdit

Volume SixteenEdit

Volume Sixteen does not contain an In Memoriam.

Volume SeventeenEdit

Volume EighteenEdit

Volume Eighteen does not contain an In Memoriam.

Volume NineteenEdit

Volume Nineteen does not contain an In Memoriam.

Volume TwentyEdit

Volume Twenty-OneEdit

Volume Twenty-TwoEdit

Volume Twenty-ThreeEdit

Volume Twenty-FourEdit

  • Sloth
  • Briggs Soldiers
  • Central Troops
  • Lesser Homunculi

Volume Twenty-FiveEdit

Volume Twenty-SixEdit

Volume Twenty-SevenEdit

  • Across the panel it says "Spoiler prevention in effect for the final volume."


  • Shou Tucker is the only character seen in hell rather than heaven.

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