I Will
Full Metal Alchemist ( Ending 4 ) - HD01:30

Full Metal Alchemist ( Ending 4 ) - HD

I Will is the fourth ending theme for the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime. It was performed by Sowelu. The sequence is notable for depicting a montage of Trisha Elric, Nina Tucker, Scar and Maes Hughes, all of whom having past away by this point in this series.


Japanese RomajiEdit

Afuredasu namida nara ima wa tomenakuta ii

Kanashimi no saigo ni wa hikari ga sashikomu hazu


Sou onaji kimochi shinjiteta

Keshita memori mitsumeteta

Ima anata ni aenai kedo

Setsunai omoi kakushite

Tsuyoku nareru motto

Tashikameta yuku no 

Afuredasu namida nara ima wa tomenakute ii

Yasashisa ni kawatteku itami mo wasure nai

Isogisugite kowashite kita mono nai

Torimodosu no watashi rashiku aruku tame ni

For you...

English TranslationEdit

As my tears, well up, I don't have to stop them now

At the end of all the grief

the light is sure to shine through...


It's true, I cannot see you now,

but by hiding the heartache,

I can become stronger and I will make sure of that.

As my tears well up

I don't have to stop them now,

Nor will I forget the pain,

as it becomes kindness.

That which I ruined in my haste,

I will take back, so that,

I can walk on as I would,

For you....

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